Integrated Information Management System

C Sharp Sports allows all users within any team sport environment to securely have access to, and provide them with, all relevant team player related information and data in order to efficiently steer towards success.
All information regarding a player is stored centrally in a club database. This database is stored in the Cloud and can be filled by users who use different equipment such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and or tablets. As soon as the information is stored in the database, it can be shared with anyone who is in need for this information and is entitled to receive this info. Sharing of the info takes place via Apps that are designed for this purpose. The database and our application are encrypted with the software of the world market leader in this field.
C Sharp is a platform that enables the collection of data regarding a player in a user friendly manner. The collected data can then be managed and distributed within a sports organisation. All data is stored in a central server which is connected to various devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.). All data that is collected on a specific device is synchronized, via a secured VPN connection through the internet, with the central server. Information collected from a player by several employees of the club is now just one mouse click away. All kinds of reports can be generated with the information that is stored in the club database. Our software can be connected with hardware and software of various manufacturers. The club data can therefore be enhanced with all kinds of third party data. We have signed a partner agreement with SAS. The SAS software enables us to create reports in which data analytics is performed on the data at hand and thus we can provide Management with relevant information in a very user friendly way.
In our world nowadays everything is related to information. Information is Key. This is not different in sports. As a trainer you need information regarding your player and your team. You also want to be able to share this information with your team members. This is where our sports management application comes in play. What information are we talking about and how can you get hold of it? Where do you store this information in such manner that it is available for your team members?

Video Compare App

The Video Compare App provides the possibility to compare video footage and images. Technical skills can be demonstrated by a specialist. The video footage of this technique can then easily be placed beside the video footage of a person that needs to learn this specific skill set. The footage of the specialist and the student can now easily be compared. The App also provides the possibility to draw (angels, lines etc.) on the screen. Even audio can be added to the video film. The way a skill set is executed can now distantly be monitored and recommendations can be provided by adding text and audio to the film. To learn a specific skill set from a specialist can digitally never be organized in a more convenient manner!

Match Notation App

The Match Notation App provides the possibility to tag certain events that took place during a match or training. The input of the tags on a mobile device (i.e. a smartphone or tablet), can be synchronised with the video footage of the match. The tags and the video are stored in one database, so extensive video analysis of the match played is now possible.

Sport Management App

In our sports management app you can easily retrieve information regarding the team agenda, player evaluations, training, match analysis, video analysis, a digital library filled with all kinds of exercises and examples of various training exercises created in a 2D animation.

We have created our own player. Our player supports 95% of all available video formats. There is no need for video conversion to a format that is recognized by our player. This saves the video analyst lots of time that can be used for different purposes.


Full integration of different software modules and application in one concept.


Internet or Wifi is not available everywhere nor all the time. With our solution you can work anywhere off line and as soon as you are online again, your data is synchronized with the central database.


We offer a Club License. The club pays one license fee. Various people working within the club may use this Club License and can therefore, independent from each other, enter data in the Club database.


We support multiple camera feeds. An event can be demonstrated from four different camera angles. A trainer is therefore not restricted to the use of footage of 1 camera any more.


The C Sharp Sports concept for amateur clubs only costs € 300 per user. Mind you!!! The € 300 is not only paid for the video analysis tool we provide the club, but it is the price for a suite of software which is fully targeted towards the activities of a trainer working within a sports club.


In the exercise library various trainers can store their exercises and training documents centrally in one place. By having access to the central database of exercises volunteers or trainers that are less equipped can learn from more experienced colleagues. Especially for the Youth Department the exercise library has a significant value. C Sharp Sports provides the trainer the possibility to create 2D animations of various exercises as well. An animation of an exercise is even more intuitive than an oral presentation, especially when not everyone speaks the same language. The library can be filled with text documents, 2D animations and video footage. As long as it is digital it can be stored in the database.

Video - Analysis

If you want to use video footage to analyze your own team and the away team you need a good and trustworthy system. In the C Sharp Sports concept the standard possibilities like fast forward/backward, play, pause, are spiced up with functionalities like zoom in, drawing on the screen, slow motion, and up to 4 camera’s to analyze an event from 4 different angles. Our video analysis tool provides you with these possibilities and more.

Match - Analysis

In one summary, the trainer gets a detailed overview of the moments in the game. The 1st half, 2nd half, defense, attack, attack to defend conversion (and vice versa), goals, corners, yellow and red cards, etc. For each item the game moment can be mimicked by an animation. Also footage of the actual competition can be added to the file. A more interactive game discussion module is not available on the market!

Training Examples

In this module an overview of all relevant items needed to organize a training is provided to the trainer. The available players, their position and shirt number, the flow of the training, the training endurance, the possibility to copy a training to and from another date, the training materials i.e. all that is needed to be perfectly organized is provided to the trainer.


Players are evaluated periodically. This module provides the possibility to enter self-chosen parameters that are used to rate the player performance. The module is linked to Word so remarks from a trainer or a player can easily be attached to the evaluation file. Of course video footage and data deriving from Excel can be added to the file as well.


The agendas of the various teams can overlay each other to see for example if all the goalkeepers are available for a day to take a goalkeeper training. The calendar can be set to week and month view. A special eight days agenda is included because different trainers have the need for a review of eight days. The agenda not only displays training, competitions, travel, but also displays the periodization. The agenda is based on roles so that each coach or member of the medical staff gets to see their own (team) agenda.

It all starts with a database. This database is stored in the Cloud and can be filled by users who use different equipment such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and or tablets. Data entry is very easy to do and feels very intuitive when data is gathered in software and apps that are specially created for this purpose.

As soon as the information is stored in the database, it can be shared with anyone who is in need for this information and is entitled to receive this info. Sharing of the info takes place via Apps that are designed for this purpose.

We have created Apps for trainers and players. The trainer App contains output from the database such as the team agenda, the flow of a training, an evaluation and a video clip of events that took place during a game. This output is presented on a tablet or smartphone and can be retrieved 24/7.

The player App makes it possible to communicate with the trainer and/or team members. Video clips can be uploaded and downloaded very easily. All relevant info from a trainer can be found in the player App that is created for this specific purpose.

The database and our application are encrypted with the software of the world market leader in this field. In case you forget your laptop somewhere, because of the security no one can get access to the information on this laptop.


"It’s something special that gives us an opportunity to prepare the players but also get the players into the mood for the exercises they are going to do. It’s an application that gives animations where we can also add videos from our database with all of the exercises we have filmed over the last 8-months."

Patrick van LeeuwenPerformance Director van Maccabi Tel Aviv

Arie van Eijden

Voormalig directeur van de KNVB en AFC Ajax

Roelant Oltmans

Head Coach Hockey Pakistan

Raymond Atteveld

Voormalig hoofdtrainer van ADO Den Haag



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